_ We are Star Beta Technologies 

Making digital asset markets more efficient

Carving out the most scalable strategies from an established Quantitative Trading Firm

_ What We Do 

Our algorithms provide liquidity and aid in price discovery to reduce and profit from the inefficiencies in the fragmented digital assets markets.

We believe in the importance of thoroughly understanding the products and strategies we trade and to be able to rationalise why we deserve to earn money by participating in those markets.

We also believe that all markets are constantly changing and that to survive we must not only adapt our strategies but embrace the technological advances that can give us an edge.

_ Foresight 

Our mission is to be a leading quantitative investment manager that designs and implements unique statistical arbitrage models to take advantage of opportunities in the digital asset markets, generating superior risk-adjusted and market-neutral returns to investors.

Our strategies are delta neutral, meaning they are indifferent to market direction, capturing temporary inefficiencies across multiple digital asset exchanges.

  The Journey 

How a team of high performing traders, developers and quants got us here.


Our Vision_

Star Beta is born with a focus on building cutting edge technology to trade traditional markets.


Digital Assets_

Star Beta embarks on trading digital assets. Within the next 12 months Star Beta establishes itself as one of the highest volume trading firms across major digital asset exchanges.



Star Beta is asked to be a Designated Market Maker by the CME for their new Bitcoin futures product. 6 years later Star Beta is still one of the largest and most experienced participants in that market.


2018 to 2022

Star Beta experiences tremendous growth, deploying hundreds of strategies and maintains its position as one of the highest volume trading firms in digital assets.


The Future_

The most liquid and scalable strategies are migrated into a fund to allow professional investors to participate in scalable and proven market-neutral strategies.

  Our People 


Mark Zagora

Chief Investment Officer

Brendan O'Brien

Chief Executive Officer

Joonas Karppinen

Chief Operating Officer

David Winters

Chief Technology Officer

Ben Smith

Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Sergey Krushch

Chief Information Officer

Ben Iyer

Chief Financial Officer

Jan de Villiers

Chief Risk Officer

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7 years may not sound like much, but In digital assets it’s an eternity.